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IWCS 2020 Going Virtual!

IWCS, Inc. is producing the IWCS 2020 International Cable & Connectivity Symposium as a virtual event entirely online in October 2020 due to the COVID-19 coronavirus. Plans were already underway for that possibility when the Rhode Island Convention Center, where the conference was to be located, was converted to a critical auxiliary hospital* by the State of Rhode Island to accommodate the overflow of coronavirus patients. We wish the best to our partners at the RI Convention Center.

For the 69th year, IWCS will provide an exciting and interactive platform for the discussion and sharing of innovations in critical cabling infrastructure on which the world depends, especially now. We are creatively designing a full program to provide valuable opportunities for our speakers, attendees, exhibitors and sponsors.

We are excited for the challenge and committed to producing a successful virtual conference with the technical integrity that the industry has come to expect from IWCS. This conference is a learning environment that fosters discussion, encourages innovation and professional development.

New Additional Call for Papers Period!
Deadline: Monday, May 25, 2020

This new situation provides a unique opportunity for potential presenters. We realize that some people may not have submitted abstracts due to concerns and uncertainty around the pandemic. Now that the conference is going to be virtual, we are offering a special Call for Papers period for those individuals to submit abstracts now.

Call for Papers


The IWCS 2020 Virtual Edition will follow the basic outline of the in-person conferences. Exact logistics will be worked out over the coming months. IWCS will communicate information as it develops, via the press and:

This website: IWCS.org
Facebook: facebook.com/IWCScable
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/iwcs
Twitter: twitter.com/iwcscable
Email: Sign up is on the sidebar


We are looking forward with hope and optimism that the sacrifices the world is experiencing now with the COVID-19 mitigation efforts will help to get the virus under control in the next several months. Our thoughts and prayers are for all the victims of this disease. Please stay safe and continue to take all precautions to protect your family, friends and neighbors.

*Alternative Hospital at the Rhode Island Convention Center

Reasons to Attend

  • Latest technologies presented in a symposium format
  • Professional Development Courses with tutorials on basic and emerging technologies
  • Suppliers Exhibition with the latest developments from industry suppliers
  • Networking with other industry professionals


Online Registration

A link will be available here, once Registration for IWCS 2020 is open

Watch this website for conference announcements and Join Our Mailing List to receive all notices regarding the conference.


2020 Supplier Exhibition

With the exhibitors’ help, we’ll be making the Supplier Exhibition virtual also! When details are available, they will be posted here and on the Supplier Exhibition page.

The Supplier Exhibition offers a unique opportunity for suppliers to present their new and established products, processes and services to you. Also on the Exhibit floor: New Product Presentations, a Popular Poster paper Session, refreshments and a Prize Raffle!


2020 IWCS Webinar Series

IWCS conducts a monthly Live Webinar on timely topics with interactive questions and answers. Webinars are held on the third Friday of every month at 10:30 am Eastern US time.

Upcoming Webinar:
Friday, June 19, 2020
10:30am – 11:15am Eastern USA

Development of a Low Contraction Jacket Material and Drop Cable Applications
Speaker: Jim Register, Development Associate, Corning Optical Communications (North Carolina, USA)
Register Here


Notices of upcoming topics can also be found on the IWCS Webinar Page, LinkedIn pages, Twitter, and through our email notices. To receive emails, please sign up for the mailing list.


Please note that during the planning stages for the IWCS 2020 Symposium information from the 2019 Symposium has been left on the website for your reference. This is done in order for you to be able to see all the elements of the Symposium. As the new 2020 plans are released, those sections will be replaced and clearly marked with the updated 2020 Symposium information.


Looking Back at IWCS 2019

Thank you to the attendees, presenters, instructors, exhibitors and committee for making IWCS 2019 in Charlotte a success.
We also want to thank our sponsors for their generous support.

IWCS 2019 Wrap-Up

IWCS 2019 Photos



IWCS 2019 Final Program

Our 2019 program contains over 110 papers and presentations in 15 compelling sessions through Wednesday afternoon. The very best topical information to be presented at the 2019 symposium was selected from the robust response of high quality proposals to this year’s Call for Papers.

Final Program




2019 Keynote

Our Future Connected World:
Network Architecture to Support 5G and Data Traffic Growth


Morgan Kurk
Chief Technology Officer
Hickory, North Carolina, USA

Our future connected world will barely resemble what we have today. The creation of data will outstrip its consumption by humans as the internet of things and artificial intelligence work autonomously to make human’s lives better in ways we have yet to conceive. Data consumption will continue growing but increased focus on latency, driven by virtual reality, virtual augmentation and general automation will fundamentally change network architectures. The cost of data and the model in which it is delivered will evolve to an on-demand world where new applications will determine network configuration.

The network architecture of tomorrow will be flexible in its processing and storage improving the user experience. The combination of artificial intelligence, low latency, high speed, ultra-reliable, flexible networks will impact virtually every aspect of our lives from driving, to gaming to, our interpersonal interactions. As people’s information consumption habits change, the screen will fade in favor virtual projections and eventually holography. We will explore how all aspects of the network (core, access, and edge) will be reinvented as “The Cloud” decentralizes into “The Fog”!


2019 Executive Session - Panel Discussion

CTO Crystal Ball:
Telecommunications in 2025 and Beyond

2019 Panelists:
Christine (Colasanto) Bassett, Verizon
Morgan Kurk, CommScope
Claudio Mazzali, Corning
Srini Siripurapu, Prysmian Group


2019 Professional Development Program

This year, a variety of strong Professional Development Courses will be offered, providing a great learning opportunity from renowned industry experts. IWCS presents four annual core courses of Copper 101, Fiber 101, Materials 101 and Extrusion 101. The core courses will provide those new to our cable & connectivity industry with basic technology information. The four elective courses will deliver current, leading edge topics geared at providing information on new areas of interest to engineers, scientists, and other cable & connectivity professionals.

Over time, students completing three core courses, along with two electives, will be presented with an IWCS Professional Development achievement plaque.

The Courses will commence on Sunday, September 29, 2019 at 1:00 pm with four concurrent sessions. Four more concurrent sessions will continue on Monday, September 30 at 8:00 am. The Courses will conclude prior to the opening of the Plenary Session, allowing attendees to participate both in the Courses and each aspect of the Symposium. Lunch will be provided to registrants of the Courses on Sunday.

Professional Development Program



2019 Technical Symposium Sessions

The 2019 program contains over 110 papers and presentations in the following 15 sessions.

Session 2: Materials
Session 3: Reliability & Network Management
Session 4: Data Center & Central Office
Session 5: Multimode Fiber
Session 6: Advancing Power & Data Transmission Over Copper
Session 7: Special Applications
Session 8: Advances in Optical Connectivity 1
Session 9: Optical Fiber Design & Ultra Low Loss


Session 10: Codes & Standards
Session 11: High Density Cables
Session 12: Advances in Optical Connectivity 1I
Session 13: Optical Fiber Manufacturing & Measurement
Session 14: Optical Cable Manufacturing
Session 15: Microduct, Airblown & Optical Cable Installation