Please note that during the planning stages for the IWCS 2019 Symposium information from the 2018 Symposium has been left on the website for your reference, in order for you to be able to see all of the elements of the Symposium. As the new 2019 plans are released, those sections will be replaced with the updated 2019 Symposium information.


Author / Presenter Information


Thank-you for participating in the IWCS International Cable & Connectivity Symposium. For accepted abstracts, this page will familiarize you with the submission process for the paper and expedite preparation and publication of the USB and online versions of the Proceedings for the conference. Technical and Poster Session authors will also find instructions to help in the presentation of their work at the conference.

Note: Please review the Guidelines for Commercial Content when preparing the papers/ presentations. Finally, important information on Copyright Release and VISA (for international travelers) is included.

Preparation of Copy

All articles are limited to 10 pages for technical papers and 5 pages for poster papers. The template for your paper to be included in the Conference Proceedings is presented in Microsoft Word® format. The template can be Downloaded Here.

Download the template and follow the contained instructions within the text of the template. The template should provide answers to any questions you have.

Before submitting the final version of your paper, the Word document must be converted to an Adobe Acrobat PDF file. Using only the last three digits of your assigned abstract number as the Word document file name (for example: 067.doc), name the converted PDF file the same way, but with the .pdf extension.
For submitting Presentation-only documents for the Conference Proceedings, please follow the same instructions as above, but use the Microsoft PowerPoint® format. Convert your PowerPoint document to an Adobe Acrobat PDF file, using the 2-slides per page “Handout” style.

Submitting Your Paper or Presentation

Submitting your file is easy. Simply open your browser, click on the same “Catalyst” online submittal URL that you were asked to bookmark when you submitted your abstract. Then attach your paper “.pdf” file as instructed. Please use the same procedure to upload your PowerPoint presentation as well.

1. In case you do not have the Catalyst online submittal URL bookmarked, here is the link: Click Here. (You are reminded to bookmark this URL so that you can return to the submittal site to make any changes to your paper, presentation or Author / Presenter information.)

2. Submissions that do not conform to the IWCS standards and formats described above will be returned to the author for corrections and/or alterations.

If you have problems submitting your paper or presentations, please contact:

Michelle Melsop -; +1-571-265-3657

Paper Submission Deadline

All papers for the Conference must be submitted in an electronic format that conforms to IWCS specifications and must be received no later than July 19, 2019.

PowerPoint Presentation Submission Deadline

Your PowerPoint presentation file must be received no later than August 23, 2019. Your PowerPoint presentation should be submitted through the same Catalyst online submittal URL that you previously bookmarked during the abstract submittal process.

Technical and Poster Presentation Instructions

Technical Papers

Technical Paper Speakers can download the following PDF documents to help them prepare their presentation:

Instructions for Speakers

Poster Papers

Poster Paper Speakers can download the following PDF document in order to help them prepare their poster paper for the conference:

Instructions for Poster Paper

PowerPoint Template for Poster Paper


Copyright Release Form

IWCS requires your signature on the Copyright Release Form. You can download the PDF document Here.  Please fill out the document, print out, sign, scan and save it as a PDF to send to Michelle Melsop at IWCS.

The PDF form with the lead author’s signature must be emailed by August 10, 2019 to

VISA REMINDER - For Presenters from Outside the USA

Please remember to check your travel VISA requirements to enter the United States of America (USA) for the IWCS Conference. The time required for processing of VISA applications can take several months. To help you with this process, please check the VISA Information and Letter of Invitation page of this web site. It contains links to official US government visitor's information sites as well as details on how to obtain a "Letter of Invitation" from the IWCS should one be necessary.

We wish you a safe trip and look forward to seeing you at the IWCS 2018 International Cable & Connectivity Symposium.


If you have questions or problems about the Catalyst online submission process, please contact Omnipress, by email with the conference name (IWCS 2019) and abstract number in the subject line.


If you have any questions or problems about your Paper / Presentation submittals (for example, copyright release, Visa information, etc.) please contact:

Michelle Melsop - by phone: +1-571-265-3657 or via email at